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4 Ways to Save Money Whilst at University

TweetRetweet Moving out of the family home and fending for yourself when first starting your university education is daunting. Living for the first year in halls of residence, however, usually offers a fair amount of assistance – for example your utility bills are included in the rent and the lease term is geared specifically to [...]

Budgeting Your Way Out of Debt

TweetRetweet For many Americans, debt is a growing concern. Before the financial collapse, the job market was booming and credit was easily obtained. Now, those who lost their jobs after the economic breakdown are struggling to make the monthly payments on their borrowed money. Foreclosure rates are sky-high and debt collectors are growing more and [...]

Getting hired when you’re over 50

TweetRetweet FORTUNE — Dear Annie: I read your recent column on bridging the generation gap in the workplace between young bosses and older employees. It struck a nerve with me, because, frankly, I’d be delighted to work for a young boss if I could just get one to hire me. I’m 53 and I was [...]

Being a Frugal Member of the Military

TweetRetweet Being a member of the armed service comes with some perks, as it should. By giving up personal freedoms as a gesture to protect the citizens of any country, a service member deserves getting preferential treatment whenever available. Here are several places of business and various types of facilities where a person in the [...]

How to Keep Auto Insurance Premiums Low

TweetRetweet Car insurance costs are skyrocketing and your premiums can soon put a strain on your budget, if they aren’t already. Luckily, there are ways to make sure that you are getting the best deal on your auto insurance rates. Read on to find out how you can start saving on your auto insurance premiums [...]

Read More about Debt Consolidation

TweetRetweet Financial crisis may be very rare but most businessmen and professional workers will experience this problem when it comes to managing their finances and cash flows.  There is still a way to avoid this problem from happening. Sometimes, every financial step you make may affect your financial standings later on. You may not realize [...]

4 Tough Debt Questions Answered

TweetRetweet Debt is no picnic, but it doesn’t have to ruin your life, either. If you’re one of millions of people in America dealing with debt, you probably have some questions. Read on for four of the most common queries and their answers. 1) How Do I Figure Out Which Bills to Pay Off First? [...]

How to Coupon the Easy Way

TweetRetweet Moms know that it takes quite a bit of money for a family to function and thrive. However, no one needs to pay full price for it. Most people are well aware of the popularity that coupons enjoy at this time. However, it is not just a fad. These are honest ways in which [...]

How to Lower Your Monthly Home Owner’s Insurance Payments

TweetRetweet If your house is mortgaged, you have no choice but to carry a homeowner’s insurance policy. If your home isn’t mortgaged, an insurance policy is just good sense. With today’s economy, people are looking for creative ways to save money and often neglect reviewing their insurance policies. Happily, we’re here to help. Here are [...]