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Pros and Cons of Bill Consolidation

TweetRetweet If getting the mail every day brings in an avalanche of bills, dealing with your finances is likely a stressful issue. If you are struggling to make your payments on time or even delaying some bills so you can pay others, it’s time to sit down and take a hard look at your finances. [...]

3 Do It Yourself Strategies For Paying Off Your Debt

TweetRetweet Imagine your life without debt. Go ahead, it’s fun to dream. Think about how relaxing life would be. And think of all the things you would want, if money was no object. Imagine not having to worry about paying your credit card bills. Wouldn’t life be great! Of course anyone would want a life [...]

Why You Don’t Need to Hire Someone to Do Your Taxes

TweetRetweet It’s tax season again, so what do you do? Call up your accountant, fax over the necessary documents, and wait to get the paperwork back to sign it? Millions of Americans hire tax professionals to complete their returns, and it’s not necessarily a bad idea. There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing your taxes, but do [...]

Choosing Credit Cards to Keep, Cut Up or Cancel

TweetRetweet People today usually have way too many credit cards, a fact that is the leading cause of so much debt and the need for consumers to turn to credit repair services for relief. Of course we always want to be on the lookout for credit cards with lower interest rates, but what many people [...]

Moving Out Of Country: Will My Bad Credit Follow Me?

TweetRetweet When opportunity is low, people need to go where the money goes. It is in this spirit that many people are choosing to look into emigrating as a means of finding a good footing for their financial future. When considering leaving the country for any extended period of time, there are definitely things that [...]

How Unemployment is Impacting the Middle Class

TweetRetweet The impact of Unemployment on the Middle Class As our country enters a supposed recovery period after the recession, many Americans are still scratching their heads.  Jobs don’t seem to be available, even after months of searching.  Many Americans have taken lower paying jobs, sacrificed healthcare benefits, and struggle to make ends meet.  What [...]

3 Essential Money Management Tips

TweetRetweet Learning effective money management tips can help your personal finances immensely. Everyone who makes money knows that it can leave your bank account just as fast as it comes in! The best part about these tips: they’re simple to do! Tip # 1: What Are Your Sources of Monthly Income? The first essential tip [...]

A Three Step Approach to Teenage Finances

TweetRetweet As our children age they have a better understanding of money, how to process it and decisions on how to use the money.  Although it would be better to teach our children at much younger ages about financial responsibility, sometimes we miss the boat.  It is never too late to start teaching your children [...]

CD vs High Interest Savings Accounts: Pros and Cons

TweetRetweet Certificate of Deposits or High Interest Savings Accounts: Which to Choose from Investment dollars are tight for most of us and so if you are going to make a move, you want to make sure it is the right one – not only to keep your money safe, but to offer you the highest [...]

Better Finance = More Car Insurance Quotes

TweetRetweet Part of better finance is paying less for car insurance. The advantage of having so many car insurance companies that are fighting each other for every driver’s business is that they are willing to offer some low quotes. The more car insurance quotes that people seek; the more likely they are to come across [...]