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Saving For Your Children’s Future

TweetRetweet Many parents want to set up savings vehicles for their children to ensure that the child has a comfortable future. In England it is very popular to set up a junior ISA account. This savings vehicle gets different rates of return depending on the junior ISA rates. In the United States parents often opt [...]

Fraud Alert v Security Freeze: Is One Right for Your Credit Report?

TweetRetweet Instances of credit fraud and identity theft have almost doubled in the last decade, and the steepest rise has come since the financial crash of 2008. Protecting your credit and your finances involve more than the important basics of paying bills on time and not overspending. It also involves monitoring your credit reports and [...]

The Rising Cost of Tuition

TweetRetweet College is expensive! College is also very rewarding. Somewhere in-between rising tuition costs, student loans, and the hope for a better future – there is a student who doesn’t have it all quite figured out yet. Each year the rising costs of tuition can really hinder someones ability to succeed in life and their [...]

Student Debt Exceeds Credit Card Debt

TweetRetweet Student loan debt in the United States has reached an epic high of about $860 billion dollars, while the amount of US credit card debt is only $693 billion dollars. This is a terrible amount of debt that will almost surely never be repaid by the citizens who have taken out the loans. Many [...]

Why 2012 Is A Good Time to Invest In Gold

TweetRetweet Gold prices are likely to continue to rise in 2012 due to rising levels of government debt and increasing global political instability. There is a strong correlation between rising gold prices and rising government debt levels that bring about currency debasement. Since investment performance is measured in currencies, some clarity about the future of [...]

Credit Card Debt Increasing

TweetRetweet Debt has been increasing, and it has seen its largest jump since 2008 last year. This is when debt increased by 3.8 percent. Americans may believe that the fact that debt is increasing means negative things for the economy, but it actually signifies the opposite. The type of debt is what has been of [...]

Why It Is Important To Not Wait To Sell Your Scrap Gold…

TweetRetweet Find Out Why You Should Sell Your Scrap Gold Before It Gets Harder If you haven’t been bombarded by the TV adverts on selling your gold, or pestered by the ‘sell your scrap gold for cash’ adverts in the high street, then you’ve probably been in a cave. The financial upheavals since 2008 have [...]

Tips for Students on How to Build Good Credit

TweetRetweet When a student goes off to school they often experience their first taste of freedom, including in the area of personal economics. Securing a good credit score is something that will make that transition easier and could help throughout their life. A student will often start out with a low score due to their [...]

Reduce your Loss with a Hard Money Loan

TweetRetweet The Benefits of Hard Money Loans Millions of Americans today find themselves in trouble financially, and in many cases their properties are in foreclosure or on their way there. Securing a loan can be difficult for some, but alternative methods are also available beyond traditional bank lending venues. One of these alternatives is a [...]

The Importance of Seeking Expert Counsel When Investing

TweetRetweet Property is without a doubt one of the biggest investments most Australians will make in their lifetime, yet – oddly enough – the majority won’t seek any professional advice. This state of affairs becomes even more puzzling when we realise that there are many service providers offering help in choosing the right investment and [...]