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Deposit Protection Service and Schemes

TweetRetweet An Overview of the Various Deposit Protection Services Since 2007 the legislations regarding the protection of deposits has demanded that any landlord who accepts a deposit for an assured shorthold tenancy must protect it within 14 days of receipt. Landlords can do this by using one of three approved deposit protection schemes available in [...]

Marriage Can Be Financially Beneficial

TweetRetweet Marriage provides many financial benefits for people to wed. Although, money shouldn’t be the only reason for people to marry, couples are able to afford more expenses with two incomes rather than just one. This creates a combined capacity for creditworthiness, budget stability, greater acquisition power, and better retirement options to name a few. [...]

Balance Work and College: Do It Successfully

TweetRetweet With college costs and the cost of living soaring, increasing numbers of college students are finding that they have to work just to survive. Learning to balance college demands and work can be one of the hardest transitions for many new college students to make. It can be very difficult to master the time [...]