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What is Life Insurance for? Visit a Price Comparison Website

Life insurance provides security for people who need you financially in the case of your death. If you die, some of your family may suffer because they have always relied upon you in the past. In this instance, taking out a life-insurance policy is the best way to put your mind at ease as you [...]

8 Excellent Financial Tips For Young Adults

Young Adults Financial Tips As a young adult and lying in the age of 20-somethings you need to start saving money and spending it wisely. As a starter in handling the personal budget one can always find it difficult to know how to manage the finances. If you do know few goof financial tips then [...]

5 Tips for Living Without Credit Cards

We currently live in a credit-driven society. In light of a struggling economy, it is common for people living paycheck to paycheck to carelessly whip out a credit card to pay for such necessities as bills, groceries and gas for the car. Credit cards are also frequently used for impulse buying and needless purchases, such [...]

Making the most of Promotional Codes.

Once upon a time using promotional codes meant getting out the scissors, an envelope and sending them off to receive your voucher; or stuffing your purse or wallet full of them. Thanks to the internet the range of promotional codes available is massive and it’s a lot easier to use them. However, codes come and [...]

Consolidation Advice: Dealing with Financial Problems

Facing numerous financial problems people always look for loans and ultimately get stuck in a financial turmoil. Consolidating debts means that you take a new loan to repay all your existing different loans. The benefit you get here is that the interest charged on this new loan will be less when compared to your existing [...]

How UK Umbrella Companies Can Help You Weather The Financial Crisis In Europe.

With numerous financial crises occurring around the world, 2012 has proven to be a year of intense market volatility. Although much attention has been given to the insolvent economies of southern European countries, most in the UK will firmly agree that the domestic market has been less than favourable. This fluctuation has found its way [...]

Money Saving Tips for Franking Machine Users

So you’ve finally decided to save some money and invest in a franking machine. With all the discounts you’re getting, all the money you’re saving from trips to the post office and not to mention the time saved and convenience you are now experiencing by switching to a franking machine, did you know that you [...]

Life Beyond Debt

You have been struggling to get out of debt for what feels like forever, and the moment has finally arrived: you’re debt free! But now a new journey begins – your life beyond debt. What is the journey like? Here are five experiences you can expect to have. Sheer happiness Finally, after years of planning [...]

Help With Personal Finance

Keeping a firm hand on your personal finances might seem easy, and to the majority of people, it is. However, there are some circumstances where you may have to take out a loan or use a credit card to pay for something like car repairs, a replacement for a broken appliance or even to make [...]

Fixed Term Savings Bonds and Fixed Rate Bonds

There are so many savings and investment products available from such places as banks, building societies and the Post Office it is a bit of a minefield as to knowing which one to select and put your money into. In fact you may end up investing in more than one product. If you walk through [...]