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Are Credit Cards a Good Idea for College Students?

Are Credit Cards A Good Idea for Students?

When students get ready to go to college, they are excited to enter a whole new world of possibilities and learning.  College is an experience like no other in a young person’s life, when they can grow, meet new people, and experience new places and events that they have never had the opportunity to partake [...]

Which Motor Trade Insurance Policy Is Right For You?


Motor Trade Insurance May Be A Legal Requirement For You Whether you are considering setting up as a mobile mechanic, have an established car valeting service, or you offer your services to garages and showrooms across the country, it is vital that you have the most appropriate insurance policy available for your requirements. Motor trade [...]

The British Tax Refund Scam

Be Aware of the British Tax Refund Scam

As long as there are taxes to pay, there will be ways for charlatans to find ways around paying the taxes. In essence, tax scams have been around for as long as taxes have been introduced and in modern day Britain, things are no different. One form of tax that is most common to fraudulent [...]

Does Your IRA Match Your Personality?

Reitirement Savings Related to Personality?

Planning your retirement is an overwhelming task. Will you have enough money? Where will your income come from after you stop working? How will you know you’ve invested wisely so you can retire someday? These common questions are solved with one answer: open up an Individual Retirement Account. IRAs are investment vehicles that you open [...]

Debt Settlement in 3 Steps

Debt Management

Many consumers wait until their are drowning in debt before they decide to take action. If you cannot handle paying all of your credit card bills, installment loans, and other bills that have piled up over the years, debt settlement is a legal way to cope with the mounting debt and pay off your debts [...]

Money and Campaigning: Have We Reached a Point of Saturation?

Infographic on Money and Campaigning: Have We Reached a Point of Saturation?

Click in image to enlarge.When it comes to politics, it is hard to deny the value of money. Well-funded candidates are able to run more advertisements and run more effective efforts to encourage their supporters to vote. Every election cycle, candidates spend a considerable amount of their time asking supporters for money. Many believe that [...]

Rebuilding Your Life Post Bankruptcy

How to Rebuild Your Life After Bankruptcy

How To Rebuild Your Life Financially And Emotionally After Filing For Bankruptcy Bouncing back from a bankruptcy is challenging. However, just because you filed for bankruptcy doesn’t mean your life is over. You can still lead a rewarding life and be financially savvy post-bankruptcy. Here are just a few of the steps you’ll want to [...]