5 Tips for Purchasing Solar Panels

What to Consider When Buying Solar Panels

Solar Energy

Using solar energy and installing solar panels has been around for several years but has been getting more and more popular in recent years.  The green movement has sparked people to start utilizing cleaner forms of energy.  Green energy is not only better for the environment, it is also cheaper.  For most people solar energy is not the only solution for energy.  Some areas around the world do not get enough sunlight to sufficiently light their home.  Solar power used with electricity with help lower the electrical bill and residence can still be assured that they will have electricity during the winter months.

Are Solar Panels Right for My Home?

There are a few items to consider in order to determine if solar panels are right for a particular home:

1.)    The cost of purchasing or renting a solar panel

2.)    Government rebate programs available

3.)    If the home receives southern exposure

4.)    Usable roof surface

5.)    Amount of sunlight in the given area

The cost of purchasing a solar panel is a huge expense.  However, due to the benefits and interest of this product, the price has been going decreasing over recent years.  People can even rent a solar panel if they cannot afford the cost.  Renting a solar panel is also beneficial because maintenance and repairs are done by the owners of the equipment rather than the individual leasing it.

There are many government rebates available for individuals who want to use solar panels.  These rebates can reduce the price by a considerable amount.  The rebate amount available each year can change and depends upon the location of the solar panel.

If the home being considered to use solar energy does not receive southern exposure then it is not beneficial to install solar panels.  Also installing solar panels in an open field next to the house will increase the cost of installation.  The financial benefits will need to be weighed over the initial set up fees to determine if this will be a valuable investment.

The roof needs to have enough surface area to be able to install solar panels.  Solar panels are installed by using a PHP Systems/Design.  Solar panel support structures can stabilize any type of solar panel to the roof without penetrations, flashings, and they do not cause damage to the roof.  As long as there is enough space, a solar panel support frame can support the panel even if the roof has a steep slope.

Some areas do not get enough sunlight during the day.  There are other places that do not receive a sufficient amount of daylight during the winter months.  For many of these areas, it is not beneficial to install solar panels because it will take too long to see the benefits.  There are many places that see several hours of sunlight all year round that would benefit greatly from solar energy.

Solar panels are a great investment, yet they might not be for everyone or every home.  Determining the benefits over the costs needs to be determined to decide what solar energy can do for your home.  Not all of these tips will directly affect all homes so each home owner will need to do their own research for their home and location.

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