Sample Retirement Plan

At the very least a financial plan should include information about your current situation, the income goals for your retirement, certain financial assumptions, and solutions for any shortfalls. The following example represents what a simple financial plan may look like. It can provide you with a good starting point and if you feel it is necessary, you can have a detailed financial plan prepared.

You can prepare your own plan at no cost using the SmartPlanner from MoneyPages. Highly detailed financial plans can be prepared for you by a fee only financial planner.

In a detailed plan additional information would identify yearly income from various sources and take other factors, such as the sale of business, an inheritance, or the downsizing of your home into consideration.

The following table represents a summary of a hypothetical situation where an individual has a slight shortfall in their retirement plan.


 The free from MoneyPages produces a simplified plan very similar to this example.

The following two charts illustrate a hypothetical situation of a couple saving for retirement. They provide a visual representation of how the value of the couple’s investments and income change over time.

The first chart illustrates how the value of the investments will grow until they reach retirement and how it gradually declines during retirement.


The second chart illustrates the income required in each year of retirement and how that requirement grows with inflation. It also illustrates the sources of income and if there is any shortfall. In this case, there is no shortfall.


A good financial plan will also allow you to measure your progress and I have included two sample scorecards in the next chapter. They would be a part of your financial plan and allow you to evaluate whether your plan is on track or if adjustments need to be made.

The from MoneyPages creates charts and tables similar to these to provide you with a visual reference for your retirement plan.

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