Being a Frugal Member of the Military

Being a member of the armed service comes with some perks, as it should. By giving up personal freedoms as a gesture to protect the citizens of any country, a service member deserves getting preferential treatment whenever available. Here are several places of business and various types of facilities where a person in the military can go to receive discounts.

1) Select Restaurants

Many restaurants, particularly chains, will give discounts to active service members. One such place of business is Applebee’s that recently had a promotional event where all active members ate free. It may be wise to call ahead to make sure that a restaurant does give discounts before going there to eat in an effort to avoid any mix ups.

2) Movie Theaters

Movie theaters are another place that gives discounts to active service members. Again, it is not a one size fits all shoe, and calling ahead to make sure the facility gives military service members a better price will mitigate any potential problems. Stay up to date on the latest films and enjoy not having to pay full price.

3) Footlocker

Footlocker is a nationwide chain that sells shoes. They tend to specialize in athletic apparel for running, football and other active sports that require special footwear. Some offers indicate that active members can expect to save as much as twenty percent on their purchases. Inquire if your local Footlocker location accepts active member service cards for a discount.

4) Lowe’s

Lowe’s is a store that sells items for home improvement. This includes materials like lumber, various appliances and light fixtures, etc. They give anybody who is currently active in the military a ten percent discount on all purchases. Make sure to take full advantage of this offer when buying anything new for the home.

5) Dell Computers

Dell is one of the world’s largest suppliers of personal computers, both laptop and desktop. They offer a wide range of machines that can fit the needs of practically anyone. On select models, they offer up to a thirty percent discount for any active service members.

6) General Online Shopping

The internet provides users with a seamlessly endless number of suppliers for practically every item imaginable. The nature of the internet means that competition is fierce amongst these providers of any of the given merchandise. Shop around on the internet, and be sure to include a phrase that indicates the need for a military discount in the initial search. In fact, some websites are dedicated to only giving veterans and active service members better prices on every day items. Become a frugal shopper and save money for serving the country.

Take this info and become a savvy shopper! You’ve earned these additional discounts, so make the most of them.

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