Better Finance = More Car Insurance Quotes

Part of better finance is paying less for car insurance. The advantage of having so many car insurance companies that are fighting each other for every driver’s business is that they are willing to offer some low quotes. The more car insurance quotes that people seek; the more likely they are to come across very low quotes. The best thing about this is that they can do this search by simply going to a comparison website that specializes in offering car insurance quotes.

Different Quotes from Different Companies

The reason that drivers who need to find lower car insurance rates will need to seek a quote from several companies is because each company has the potential to quote a very different price to the same person. This is true even though they are asking for a quote for the exact same amount of coverage. The reason is that car insurance companies are allowed to set the rates that they believe are appropriate for each applicant.

Different Quotes for One Person

Another factor in the price of car insurance quotes is the car insurance company’s own preference. Some car insurance companies would rather insure women, and they will entice female drivers to purchase their insurance from them by offering them lower rate quotes. A male will receive a higher quote from these companies, but he may receive a much lower rate from another company that offers lower quotes for a male who has a high credit score.

Negotiating a Better Rate

After people receive several quotes, they may decide to switch their insurance coverage to the new company. This will help them manage their finances better because they will be paying less for their premiums each month, but before they do this, they can negotiate with their current car insurance companies for a better rate.

With a list of several quotes, drivers will undoubtedly have many quotes that are lower than the rates they are being charged by their current insurance companies. By showing these several lower quotes to their current insurance agents, they may be able to convince their current companies to lower their rates to the amount the other companies would charge. This strategy has the potential to work because car insurance companies are having difficulties at this time keeping their clients from reducing coverage or switching altogether.

Using a Quote Comparison Website

Improving people’s finances can be very easy because these drivers do not have to go to each car insurance company individually for a quote. If they had to, it would take them weeks to begin to lower the amount of money they are paying for their monthly car insurance premiums because they would need to call each company or visit each company’s website to seek one quote at a time; this can be a time-consuming process. A comparison website, on the other hand, has already been set up to automatically offer several quotes to everyone that starts the process by entering their zip codes. Then, in a couple of minutes, they will have a long list of quotes to pursue.

Kanetix is Canada’s premiere quote comparison website. Founded in 1999, Kanetix has been serving Canadians find cheap car insurance quotes and saving their hard-earned money. To get started, simply fill out an application at and use their comparison service.

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