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Kick Debt to the Curb and Get a New Debt Free Life

Kick Debt to the Curb and Get a New Debt Free Life

Having suffered under the burden of debt for many years I wonder if there is anything more stressful.  Knowing that you owe lots of money that you cannot afford to repay is a bleak situation.  Fortunately debt management services were able to help me get control of my life again. This freed me from the [...]

Debt Settlement in 3 Steps

Debt Management

Many consumers wait until their are drowning in debt before they decide to take action. If you cannot handle paying all of your credit card bills, installment loans, and other bills that have piled up over the years, debt settlement is a legal way to cope with the mounting debt and pay off your debts [...]

Rebuilding Your Life Post Bankruptcy

How to Rebuild Your Life After Bankruptcy

How To Rebuild Your Life Financially And Emotionally After Filing For Bankruptcy Bouncing back from a bankruptcy is challenging. However, just because you filed for bankruptcy doesn’t mean your life is over. You can still lead a rewarding life and be financially savvy post-bankruptcy. Here are just a few of the steps you’ll want to [...]

Coping with Debt Problems

will it be enough?

Managing your debts is not an easy problem to handle, which is proven by the growing number of people who are searching for ways out of their situation each month. If there was a set answer, then everything would be simple and we would be able to remove debt from our lives without help. The [...]

Using White Loans to Get in the Black

Using White Loans

In this kind of economy, it is no surprise that most people struggle to pay their bills. It is crazy to think that debt is logical at this point, but it really is. If you are in debt up to your eyeballs, you might be able to get a white loan to cover your costs. [...]

Your 6 Month Plan for Escaping Debt
5 Steps to Getting Back in the Black

6 Month Plan for Escaping Debt

Being snowed under by spiralling debt is everyone’s worst nightmare. It can often seem like you have no way out, and things can only get worse. Overwhelming levels of personal debt don’t just accrue over night. After months, maybe years, of irresponsible spending; debt always hits hard when you least expect it to. That’s the [...]

Eliminating Debt with a Debt Management Plan

A debt management plan is something that consumers can set up for themselves. They have spent too much money in the past and they need to now apply a portion of their income toward repaying their debts because their credit scores are suffering. If they can set up a budget and stay with it until [...]

What Is A Debt Management Plan?

1What Is A Debt Management Plan?

In the past decade the UK consumer debt problem has increased dramatically. Throughout the ‘boom’ time of the early 2000′s it was very easy to get hold of credit facilities. This might take the form of secured borrowings like mortgage borrowings at 90%, 100% and even 110% of the value of the property, or unsecured [...]

Life Beyond Debt

You have been struggling to get out of debt for what feels like forever, and the moment has finally arrived: you’re debt free! But now a new journey begins – your life beyond debt. What is the journey like? Here are five experiences you can expect to have. Sheer happiness Finally, after years of planning [...]

How To Complain About Your Insolvency Practitioner

How To Complain About Your Insolvency Practitioner

If you’re using any form of debt management solution, you will be making use of the services of an insolvency practitioner. There are hundreds of insolvency practitioners out there and, as with all industries, the quality of each practitioner can vary. Whilst some are at the very top of their game, there are some less [...]