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The Flawed Concept Of Money

The Flawed Concept of Money

Since the beginning of time, we have fought wars with each other over the right to gather, hunt or produce from the earth and when we produced more than we could sue, we decided to trade and money was born. The problem is that money is essentially a flawed concept that is perpetuated by the [...]

What Can I Do if I’ve Been Declined Car Finance?

What Can I Do if I've Been Declined Car Finance?

I’ve Been Declined Car Finance, What Can I Do? Being rejected for any sort of financial product is always disheartening, and if you’re not aware of your credit rating it can be a shock. If you were applying for a loan that you really needed, for example a car loan to allow you to buy [...]

Does Your IRA Match Your Personality?

Reitirement Savings Related to Personality?

Planning your retirement is an overwhelming task. Will you have enough money? Where will your income come from after you stop working? How will you know you’ve invested wisely so you can retire someday? These common questions are solved with one answer: open up an Individual Retirement Account. IRAs are investment vehicles that you open [...]

Guide to Guarantor Loans

Guide to Guarantor Loans

High street banks were once far more willing to lend to customers despite their financial history and circumstances, but the recent credit crisis has seen lending by mainstream loan providers such as banks, decline. As such, applying for a loan when saddled with a bad credit record, can be next to impossible, and incredibly frustrating. [...]

Free Bank Accounts – Is it worth getting one?


Universal access to bank accounts is an age-old ideal. And yet, it still remains to be fully realised. Today, potential applicants for an account are stymied in every way imaginable, from credit checks to highly stressful interrogations, from outright refusals to accept former bankrupts or unemployed to banks offering basic accounts with highly limited banking [...]

Financial Advice On Setting and Achieving Your Goals


Most individuals have several financial goals that they desperately try to attain; still, frequently they fall flat trying to achieve these goals. It is with a strict regiment and hard work that you achieve your goals by pursuing the following steps to your financial goals. Suggestion One: Decide what your goal will be. To begin [...]

Top Mortgage Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Female presenting keys and small house.

Buying a property for the first time can be exciting. Yet with lots of mortgage jargon, it can soon start to feel like a mortgage minefield. If you’re looking to get onto the property ladder, here is a guide to the mortgage process. Can I Realistically Afford A Mortgage? Although there are a number of [...]

Bankruptcy: Is it Right for You?

Bankruptcy: Is it Right for You?

Filing for bankruptcy should only be considered as your last resort. Deciding whether or not becoming bankrupt is the right decision for you should include a vast amount of research and question asking. Being informed is the best way to decide if the benefits outweigh the consequences. In many cases, bankruptcy is unavoidable for those [...]

Opening an Offshore Bank Account

Opening an Offshore Bank Account

If you need to open an offshore bank account, but don’t know where to start, this handy guide will reveal some tips for making the process easier. There are three multinational banking institutions who make it possible for their clients worldwide to open offshore bank accounts. Barclays, HSBC and Lloyds TSB offer offshore accounts in [...]

What is a Super Balance Transfer?

What is a Super Balance Transfer?

A Super balance transfer is a banking transaction where your existing credit card debts are moved from your credit card to a new one. This transaction allows you a huge chance at regaining control over your debts as you leverage the commonly offered new credit card holder privileges such as 0% interest period. While most [...]