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Save Money on Phone Calls: Top 3 Mobile VoIP Applications

TweetRetweet Smartphones today require two plans: a data plan for Internet usage and a calling plan with minutes for phone calls. Since mobile phones are also WiFi enabled, users have the opportunity to save money by connecting to open WiFi networks for their data usage and increasingly for phone calls as well. The latter is [...]

Is There a Way to Use Payday Loans Responsibly?

TweetRetweet Payday loans have a bad reputation due to their high interest rates. These loans cater to people with low incomes and those who are in financial trouble, and some people find this to be somewhat predatory. While budgeting carefully and maintaining money in the bank between paychecks is always the best policy, sometimes this [...]

The High Stakes World of Mobile Payments

TweetRetweet Click on Infographic to Englarge The world of mobile payments is becoming more and more the norm – so much so that credit card companies are placing high bets in order to stay afloat. The new infographic from Mobile Payments Today sheds some light on who is going all in and in what category. The [...]

5 Simple and Free Ways to Make Money Online

TweetRetweet We all want more money, it’s a fact. No matter how much you make with your job right now, you could always do with a little more and the Internet is the perfect place to do so. If you can spare an hour or two a day or a handful of hours across the [...]

Will the Past Repeat Itself: The Concept of the Fibonacci Analysis

TweetRetweet Fibonacci Analysis was created by Leonardo Fibonacci and can be applied to almost any dimensional property and is a highly valuable tool when it comes to finance. Ever wonder what will happen in the future?  Ever wish that you could predict what will happen in the stock market?  Well, there may be a way.  [...]

Rental Brokers: What They Can Do For You

TweetRetweet Over the last decade, the most common ways for renters to find apartments was browsing classified ads in a local paper or online and by word-of-mouth. Once the real estate market plunge thinned out the rental market considerably, renters found themselves turning to rental brokers. A rental broker advertises, screens tenants and manages rental [...]

Saving For Your Children’s Future

TweetRetweet Many parents want to set up savings vehicles for their children to ensure that the child has a comfortable future. In England it is very popular to set up a junior ISA account. This savings vehicle gets different rates of return depending on the junior ISA rates. In the United States parents often opt [...]

Fraud Alert v Security Freeze: Is One Right for Your Credit Report?

TweetRetweet Instances of credit fraud and identity theft have almost doubled in the last decade, and the steepest rise has come since the financial crash of 2008. Protecting your credit and your finances involve more than the important basics of paying bills on time and not overspending. It also involves monitoring your credit reports and [...]

Credit Card Debt Increasing

TweetRetweet Debt has been increasing, and it has seen its largest jump since 2008 last year. This is when debt increased by 3.8 percent. Americans may believe that the fact that debt is increasing means negative things for the economy, but it actually signifies the opposite. The type of debt is what has been of [...]

Why It Is Important To Not Wait To Sell Your Scrap Gold…

TweetRetweet Find Out Why You Should Sell Your Scrap Gold Before It Gets Harder If you haven’t been bombarded by the TV adverts on selling your gold, or pestered by the ‘sell your scrap gold for cash’ adverts in the high street, then you’ve probably been in a cave. The financial upheavals since 2008 have [...]