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Does Your IRA Match Your Personality?

Reitirement Savings Related to Personality?

Planning your retirement is an overwhelming task. Will you have enough money? Where will your income come from after you stop working? How will you know you’ve invested wisely so you can retire someday? These common questions are solved with one answer: open up an Individual Retirement Account. IRAs are investment vehicles that you open [...]

5 Best Resources For Stock & Options Trading Tips

5 Best Resources For Stock & Options Trading Tips

Stock trading is not a child’s play as lots of money is on stake. Every decision has to be backed by trustworthy information and intricate analysis. Access to resources on market trends, developments, analytics and tips can thus have a huge impact on your trading activity. Be it a novice or a professional in trading, [...]

All Eyes Are On Gold

All Eyes Are On Gold

With yet another syringe of quantitative easing injected into the US economy, more and more people are starting to lose the little faith they had left when it comes to paper currencies. Gold seems to be the one asset that everybody wants to own and that everybody wants to invest in. Despite the fluctuations that [...]

Types of Investment in Europe

Types of Investiments Overseas

With overseas investments becoming easier to find in this day and age, many US investors have turned to Europe and Asia for investment opportunities. However, this is often easier said than done, as the rules for each country are vastly different from the US and in many cases more regulated. The EU has been working [...]

Myths about Stock Market Trading

Myths about Stock Market Trading

Throughout history there have been scandals, bankruptcies, and a depression within the stock market. This can make trading appear scary and investors may wonder if investing is worth the trouble. Traders need to keep these problems in perspective to protect them from losing their investments.  There are also a few myths regarding the stock market. [...]

How You Can Use the Hulbert Financial Digest to Avoid Stock Market Scams

BHow You Can Use the Hulbert Financial Digest to Avoid Stock Market Scams

As an investor, it all comes down to this: Who do you trust to give you advice on how to invest in stocks? Do you trust the reporters and journalists who tell you what happened yesterday? Do you trust brokers that earn their money when you buy their suggested share picks? It is a wise [...]

How UK Umbrella Companies Can Help You Weather The Financial Crisis In Europe.

With numerous financial crises occurring around the world, 2012 has proven to be a year of intense market volatility. Although much attention has been given to the insolvent economies of southern European countries, most in the UK will firmly agree that the domestic market has been less than favourable. This fluctuation has found its way [...]

Why 2012 Is A Good Time to Invest In Gold

Gold prices are likely to continue to rise in 2012 due to rising levels of government debt and increasing global political instability. There is a strong correlation between rising gold prices and rising government debt levels that bring about currency debasement. Since investment performance is measured in currencies, some clarity about the future of currencies [...]

The Importance of Seeking Expert Counsel When Investing

Property is without a doubt one of the biggest investments most Australians will make in their lifetime, yet – oddly enough – the majority won’t seek any professional advice. This state of affairs becomes even more puzzling when we realise that there are many service providers offering help in choosing the right investment and support. [...]

With Just a Single Click You Can Get Hold of Annuity Quotes

Annunity Quotes In One Click!

Financial planning is an important aspect of life. Trying to find the best annuity scheme starts with searching for reliable and lucrative annuities quotes. These retirement investment plans have been helping several people lead a smooth post retirement life. However, searching for a reliable investment plan is more important than investing on it; after all [...]