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Balance Work and College: Do It Successfully

With college costs and the cost of living soaring, increasing numbers of college students are finding that they have to work just to survive. Learning to balance college demands and work can be one of the hardest transitions for many new college students to make. It can be very difficult to master the time management [...]

How Unemployment is Impacting the Middle Class

The Impact of Unemployment on the Middle Class As our country enters a supposed recovery period after the recession, many Americans are still scratching their heads.  Jobs don’t seem to be available, even after months of searching.  Many Americans have taken lower paying jobs, sacrificed healthcare benefits, and struggle to make ends meet.  What does [...]

Getting Hired When You’re Over 50

FORTUNE — Dear Annie: I read your recent column on bridging the generation gap in the workplace between young bosses and older employees. It struck a nerve with me, because, frankly, I’d be delighted to work for a young boss if I could just get one to hire me. I’m 53 and I was laid [...]