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The Safest Way to Get a Credit Report Online

TweetRetweet According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act you are entitled to access your credit reports once a year for free from any or all of the nation’s leading credit reporting. Things to Watch out for When Retrieving Credit Report Online As of the moment, there are already countless companies that offer free credit reports [...]

4 Facts About 529 College Savings Plans

TweetRetweet If you’re planning on sending your children to college, you may be concerned about the ever-rising cost of tuition. It can be distressing when you pause to consider that, by the time your children are ready to leave for school, tuition may be more than you can afford. 529 plans aren’t new but many [...]

Easing the Financial Burden of Raising a Child

TweetRetweet There is no doubt that kids are expensive. When they’re little, it’s the cost of diapers and formula. As they grow, the expenses switch to shoes, clothes and the toys and gadgets they all desire. School fees can be enough to put you in the poorhouse, and there are extra-curricular activities along the way [...]

Deposit Protection Service and Schemes

TweetRetweet An Overview of the Various Deposit Protection Services Since 2007 the legislations regarding the protection of deposits has demanded that any landlord who accepts a deposit for an assured shorthold tenancy must protect it within 14 days of receipt. Landlords can do this by using one of three approved deposit protection schemes available in [...]

Marriage Can Be Financially Beneficial

TweetRetweet Marriage provides many financial benefits for people to wed. Although, money shouldn’t be the only reason for people to marry, couples are able to afford more expenses with two incomes rather than just one. This creates a combined capacity for creditworthiness, budget stability, greater acquisition power, and better retirement options to name a few. [...]

Tips and Ideas for Modifying Your Car On the Cheap

TweetRetweet For those who are currently driving their very first car there is always a temptation to alter the appearance and the performance of the vehicle away from the factory standard. This can give the car a degree of individuality as well as providing the individual with a rewarding pastime. However, making modifications to a [...]

4 Personal Finance Tips to Avoid Running Out of Money Each Month

TweetRetweet Personal Finance Advice for People Living Paycheck to Paycheck Most people lead life on a day-to-day basis and financially they are on a paycheck to paycheck existence or rather subsistence. These are the people who are out of money several days before pay day and the problem is recurring without any recourse in sight. [...]

Earning a Larger Reward: Getting the Greatest Benefit From a Raise

TweetRetweet After another year of hard work and late hours on the job, the annual pay raise is a welcome sight. Instead of watching it disappear into the monthly budget, there are several ways it can be used to provide even greater rewards for the future. The most beneficial uses will differ for each person’s [...]

Today’s Youth & Their Growing Economic Knowledge

TweetRetweet Why Todays Youth Have More Economic Knowledge Than Their Parents Did The current recession is taking a toll on Americans from all walks of life. It’s today’s youth, though, that is affected by the economy at an alarming rate, and is the first generation In 100 years that are not better off than their [...]

Tips for a Quick House Sale

TweetRetweet If the time has come to sell your house and move to pastures new, whether it is due to a growing family or for financial reasons you will undoubtedly be looking for ways to aid a quick sale. This article explores the various things you can do to speed up the process of selling [...]