How To Reduce Your Water Gill This Summer

April has sprung, and so too will the nations water expenditure as the average bill is set to rise by 5.7 percent. To prevent your hard earned savings taking a hit, try these top money saving tips to reduce your water consumption.
Water meter

Sometimes people use less water than they think they do and it is often worth having a water meter installed to find out if you could reduce your bills this way.

Your water meter will usually be able to install a water meter at your home free of charge unless it would be expensive to do so.

If you use water for your garden, or you have a large fish tank, a swimming pool to fill up, or a large family all requiring separate baths or showers then a water meter may not be for you, however you can always go back to having a flat rate within the first 12 months of having it installed.

Hippo the water saver

Installing a hippo device in your toilet cistern is a proven way to reduce the amount of water used per flush. According to the official Hippo the Water saver website, 30 percent of an average family’s water usage occurs in the toilet.

About three liters of water is saved each time you flush with a hippo in the cistern – however this will only work in toilets without dual flush control. If you are looking to replace your toilet then a dual flush system is certainly worth the extra money as it will save you money on water bills in the long run.


There are several ways to reduce your water consumption through use of taps in your home. The first is by installing a tap aerator that works by controlling the flow of water out of the tap.

The other way to reduce your tap water consumption is to fit a click point tab for your kitchen sink taps as this produces a lower flow rate of water suitable for kitchen use.


It is commonly known that showers typically use less water than baths, so where possible take this option if you are on a water meter to make some worthwhile savings.  The other point to consider is the type of shower you have, and how old it is.

Power showers will use more water, however an older shower which has a shower bar that does not move will also waste a lot of water unnecessarily.  This is because the further away the shower head is from your actual head when standing in the shower, the less focused the flow of water will be, so more water will miss your body.  Modern showers have an adjustable shower head bar so the head can be moved up and down depending on how tall the individual in the shower is.

More money saving tips:

Other good money saving tips include turning off the shower when you are applying shampoo, or using soap to wash yourself, turn the tap off when brushing your teeth, and rinse your dishes with a separate sink of un-soapy water instead of leaving the tap running.

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