How You Can Use the Hulbert Financial Digest to Avoid Stock Market Scams

As an investor, it all comes down to this: Who do you trust to give you advice on how to invest in stocks? Do you trust the reporters and journalists who tell you what happened yesterday? Do you trust brokers that earn their money when you buy their suggested share picks?

It is a wise idea to not take investing advice from those who are going to be making money from your stock trading. That’s what the Hulbert Financial Digest is all about. Every day it reviews hundreds of investment newsletters so that new investors can invest in shares using an unbiased approach whilst reducing their risks.

Stock-picking really a game, and even if you have discipline, experience, resources you will still need a certain amount of luck. Actually it takes a lot more than that and those that have made some decent money from the stock market know that it is not easy to pick the winners on a regular basis. The question of how one should invest in shares for the largest returns must be turned on its head, to be more like “how can I invest in stocks without losing money?”

Mark Hulbert Independently Tracks Investment Newsletter Rankings

This is why I have been using the Hulbert Financial Digest for a number of years now.  Here’s how it works.  It’s edited by a guy called Mark Hulbert.  He has signed up anonymously to every single investment and stock market newsletter that’s out there.  What he then does is run their suggest stock market picks through his software (the Hulbert Financial Digest) and tracks their performance over time.  What that means is that he can produce the Hulbert Rankings which act as a guide for anyone who is tempted to sign up to investment newsletters whilst avoiding any scams or poorly performing ones.  It’s pretty neat.

You Can Trust the Hulbert Financial Digest

The Hulbert Financial Digest is trust worthy and is published by MarketWatch who are owned by the Dow Jones Company.  This is the same company that runs the Wall Street Journal so they won’t just promote a dodgy financial product purely for the sake of it.  That’s why the Hulbert Financial Digest is respected by traders the world over, many of whom started out their stock market careers using this very tool.

To conclude, if you are starting out in stocks and shares and want to make some money, please don’t sign up to investment newsletters that are promising you the world.  Instead first check out the Hulbert Financial Digest, as this is the only reputable and independently operated system that tracks investment newsletters and over the years has weeded out many con artists.

Author Bio: Hulbert Financial Digest Review by Sam Hedges

This article was exclusively written for this website by Sam Hedges who regularly contributes to financial blogs.  If you would like more details on the Hulbert Financial Digest then please click the link below as this contains Sam’s personal Hulbert Financial Digest Review.