Investment Management: Handing Over Responsibility of Your Portfolio

Taking charge of your investments can be an intimidating business – the innumerable options of where and how to invest your money can dishearten even the most self assured investor. Those who wish to use savings built up over a long time to improve their pension, or those wanting to earn a little more for a holiday can benefit. To take that step forward and begin using your money to make money, most would advise some sort of investment management. Usually done through investment companies, this process can be done in several different ways to suit the would-be investor.

Investment management companies take a predetermined amount of your money and make investments according to your attitude to risk. Their expert knowledge enables them to seek out the best return for your money and provide a distance from the immediacy of investing yourself. This means that they will usually work to provide a safe return and not be subject to the excitement of initial success that can prove fatal for first-time investors. Most companies or advisors offer a questionnaire in which you, the investor, will fill out; detailing how much exactly you’re willing to invest and how high your risk tolerance is. An investment doesn’t guarantee a return and because of this, it is wise to seek out the best plan for your money should you wish to invest.

Each company is different and has its own way of achieving your return; by comparing these, you’re more likely to find a plan that best suits you and your investment needs. With the ongoing economic uncertainty, companies can offer guarantees on certain low-risk investments, making investment management more accessible for those with a lower risk tolerance. For instance, those close to retirement wanting to improve on their pension by using their savings, would not want to jeopardise themselves by investing in an aggressive plan. These guarantees enable them to invest and avoid certain risks.

To be help you become completely satisfied with your investment, companies will offer face-to-face meetings whereby you will have the opportunity to go into more detail about your plans and hear more about their strategy. By keeping up to date on the company’s dealings with your money, it becomes easier to gauge the risk involved and how your money is being used. Seeking advice from an independent financial advisor is also recommended as investment companies will naturally wish to secure your custom over offering impartial advice. Independent advisors can also help to validate the company you’re dealing with and steer you away from any companies with a bad credit history.

Investing in bonds or shares can be an effective way to work your money. By taking care in selecting where and how to invest,  you can be better assured that your money is being put to good use. There are suitable plans for both the higher and lower risk tolerance investor; the important thing is that you know what you can and can’t afford.

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