Is There a Star Sign Linked to Wealth?

Your star sign can influence your life in many different ways, but is wealth one of those? Well if you consider that wealth is mainly linked to how well someone does in their career, then yes, your star sign may well affect how wealthy you become in later life. A study showed that out of 9000 workers, those who were Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Cancers were most likely to be earning on the higher end of the spectrum (£63,000 or over) whereas those who were born under the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius were likely to be earning under £22,000/year.

What Career Would Help You?

To many, wealth isn’t an issue. Success is valued in many ways and wealth is only a small part of what some people value as success. In some careers you will never be making the mega bucks, but you can still reach the top of the ladder in your chosen profession and be helping others at the same time (teaching or volunteering for example.) So which star signs are best suited to which career?

The Breakdown

Aries are courageous, determined and ambitious and so they make great rescue workers, government officials, television personalities and business owners. Taurians have great creativity and are also dependable and hard working. They would be great as a craft worker, teacher, solicitor, designer or cake decorator. Because Geminis are easily bored and very social they require careers which involve a lot of networking. They would do well as a sales manager, teacher, fire fighter or marketing director.

Due to Cancer’s sensitivity and empathy with others, they are suited to careers as carers, social workers, lawyers, teachers and rescue workers. As natural born leaders, Leos are perfectly suited to jobs high-up in companies such as the CEO. They would also do well as designers, actors and decorators. Virgos are best in roles where they can bring their cheery disposition to the job. These include the professions of writers, teachers, translators and reviewers. Libras are creative souls and are suited to careers in the arts such as being an artist, singer or actor. They would also do well as a diplomat or events organiser.

Just For You

Scorpios are great in jobs which require severe concentration such as a driving instructor, surgeon, lawyer, scientist or physicist. Unlike Scorpios, Sagittarians need variety in their job role. They are suited to working with animals or with the public such as a carer, trainer or travel tour guide. Workaholic Capricorns do best in high-stress jobs such as managerial roles, being a banker, scientist, admin-based worker or anything to do with computers!

The most creative sign now, Aquarius. Aquarians require jobs where they can be inventive and bring their own ideas to the table. Their best job roles include being a scientist, artist, writer, farmer or musician. The last sign is the sign of the fish, Pisces. They are extremely intuitive and like to work within fields which require empathy for others. They would do well as nurses, doctors, psychologists and vets.

This article has been written by Rosanne Moulding who is interested in horoscopes and how they can change different aspects of your life.

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