Money and Campaigning: Have We Reached a Point of Saturation?

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When it comes to politics, it is hard to deny the value of money.

Well-funded candidates are able to run more advertisements and run more effective efforts to encourage their supporters to vote. Every election cycle, candidates spend a considerable amount of their time asking supporters for money.

Many believe that having money is the most effective way of running a successful campaign.

With a recent Supreme Court decision allowed unlimited donations from corporations, however, some are wondering if more money is as useful as it was in the past.

After seeing so many ads, they argue, voters might begin to simply ignore any extra ads they see. While money is helpful to a point, ads eventually lose their effectiveness.

One area where more money will always help, however, is when running get-out-the-vote campaigns. Candidates with more money will be able to open more offices, and these offices that can support larger groups of volunteers. Even if television advertising becomes saturated, it is still possible to spend money on these efforts.

Source: Best Degrees