Money Saving Masterclass

With the current economic climate in dire straits many of us are feeling the pinch, and with less cash to spend than ever before we are all looking for ways to make savings and keep our bank balances looking healthy.

This is where using the resources at your disposal through the online world really comes in handy. By taking a minute or two to read through our quick tips you’ll soon find yourself armed with the knowledge to turn yourself into an online money saving machine.

1. Take Advantage of Free Samples

One of the best ways to get free things online is to search for free samples which companies are offering out.

Most of the major brands have offers on at one time or another and many smaller brands do too.

This is to promote their products and gain some publicity but it means that you can take full advantage. By simply spending some time searching you will get access to numerous products, being delivered straight to your door for zero expenditure.

Some samples are better than others so remember to read the terms and conditions to see just exactly what is being offered.

2. Money Back Guarantees On Consumables

This is one that many people simply don’t take notice of. There are literally hundreds of products on the market which offer money back guarantees if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase. From chocolate bars to toothpaste and everything in between, you can get your money back or a replacement item. Most offers require you to send the package and receipt back but will be Free-post, meaning you don’t need to spend more than the cost of an envelope. By keeping a record of what you have used over the weeks these savings can quickly add up to the redemption of a respectable sum of money.

3. Free Online Competitions

When it comes to entering online competitions many people are hesitant, thinking their chances of winning are too slim. However, the way to go about online competitions is by seeking out the lesser publicised ones and by visiting regional websites, especially those promoting tourism. Some truly wonderful vacations are often up for grabs and the number of entrants can be really quite low, meaning that by entering a few you can be in with a real chance of winning. One thing we must recommend though, is that if you decide to enter multiple competitions on a regular basis, you should always open up a separate email account to use for them. This will prevent your personal inbox from becoming cluttered and is a must.

4. Voucher Codes and Coupons

Not only can you get money off for online purchases with voucher codes, you can also get numerous coupons which you can simply print out to use in stores when shopping on the highstreet. It’s best to do a search for printable coupons before you head out for the weekly shop as you can save money on all manner of purchases. With voucher codes most online stores will present you with the opportunity to enter a code before you make a purchase, and it’s a good idea to do a quick search online to see what is available. Also look for exclusive codes that may be issued to the particular item you are purchasing.

5. Utilise Free Giveaway Community Websites

With sites such a Freegle and Freecycle leading the way, there are now numerous online communities where instead of people putting items up for sale on Ebay or simply binning them, they instead offer them online to anybody who would like them. Not only is this great for the environment, reducing the amount of unwanted items being simply discarded, it also means that you can get some really great things free of charge.

People often think that if it’s free it must be old and useless, well this is simply not the case and many people have highly valuable items up for grabs simply because they don’t use or need them anymore. The old saying “One mans trash is another mans treasure” rings very true for this and though you may have to sift through some junk it can be time well spent. Some people even furnish their entire homes this way!

Ian is a guest author who regluarly pens articles for who feature a diverse range of online competitions which are all 100% free to enter.

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