Protect Your Finances: Don’t Say a Word after a Car Accident

Before you get behind the wheel of your car, it is important to know what not to say when you are involved in a car accident. Whether you are at fault or not, offering information or blurting out excuses can hurt you in the end. Here are the top five things you should never utter after a car accident:

1. “It was my fault”

Never admit fault in an accident, even if it’s glaringly clear that you were the cause. Admitting fault to the other party or to the police can come back and bite you should you find yourself in court. It’s very easy, when you are trying to calm the situation, to admit fault or, at least, your part, in the accident. Do your best to keep your opinion to yourself.

2. “I’m not hurt”

Never tell the other party, the police or an insurance adjuster that you aren’t hurt. Immediately following an accident, your body is rushing with adrenaline that can mask pain or discomfort. You may not feel “hurt” until a day or two after the accident. By telling those around you that you aren’t hurt, they can easily place the blame for your injury elsewhere when it comes time to pay for your medical bills.

3. “I think…”

You don’t think anything after an accident! Your mind is racing, your stress levels are through the roof and you’re emotions are out of control. Do not offer any guesses as to how fast you were going, what color the light was or how far you were from the other car. There are professionals who will calculate this information if it is needed. If you don’t know a piece of information as fact, do not offer to tell others what you think.

4. Contact Information

Never give anyone involved the contact information for family and friends, particularly insurance adjustors. These people will hound your contacts in an attempt to gain more information about you, your finances and your driving history. No one on the scene, unless there has been a major injury, should require contact information for any people other than those directly involved.

5. “I don’t have a lawyer”

While you may not have a lawyer on retainer, finding one to represent you after an accident is as easy as opening up the yellow pages, looking online or talking to family and friends. A good lawyer can help you deal with the insurance companies and represent you in a lawsuit, should one arise. If anyone asks you for your attorney’s contact information, don’t tell them you don’t have a lawyer, simply tell them your lawyer will contact them.

Even if an accident is clearly your fault, you never want to admit as much. Be very careful what you say after you have been involved in an accident. Like you’ve heard on television: anything you say can be used against you.

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