Recycle and Save Money While at Home or at the Office

–                 Printing – Working without hard copies of documents can be difficult, however using double sided printouts will not only save you money but you will also reduce your impacts on the environment by helping to save trees.

–                 Turn it OFF – About to go home after a busy day at work? Have you ever considered switching off the office equipment completely. You probably have a lot of important tabs open on your browser but bookmarking them and shutting off the computer will certainly help you save more energy and reduce electricity bills by as much as 25%.

–                 Fax – You don’t always need a hard copy when you receive a fax. As an alternative, by using fax-modems and fax cover sheets one can view documents on the PC which also include the sender’s details.

–                 Recycling cartridge – How does recycling printer cartridges help cut down costs? It’s quite simple. On giving away the used cartridges to a recycling community, its parts are re-used and refilled with ink which is cheaper than creating an entirely new cartridge with no compromises made over quality. The re-manufactured printer cartridges are a lot cheaper, which can then help cut down on operating costs.

–                 Emails – There is a reason why most of the mails you receive will usually have the phrase mentioned ‘Please consider the environment before printing’. Help prevent deforestation.

Tips to cut expenses at home

–                 Furniture – Thinking of buying some furniture for the house or moving into your new place? Furniture nowadays can be quite expensive, as you probably know. Why not try purchasing from recycling community stores, where you   will find good quality furniture at a  cheaper rate and in this way you also save a lot of money.

–                 Toilet – We use the toilet several times in a day and nearly 6 litres of water is flushed every single time. Is there a better alternative? Flush saver bags can help you not only cut down on your water bills but also save around one litre of water per flush.

–                 Supermarket – We often go to supermarkets to buy groceries but hardly bother taking a cloth bag and instead end up getting hundreds of plastic bags every month. Even though this good habit doesn’t help you save big money, it certainly helps saving the environment

–                 House Clearance – While clearing your house you will come across a number of items such as antiques, ceramics and second hand furniture that you no more need. You know you can always make some money out of them by auctioning them at a reputable auction house or selling them on Ebay.

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