Save Money on Phone Calls: Top 3 Mobile VoIP Applications

Smartphones today require two plans: a data plan for Internet usage and a calling plan with minutes for phone calls.

Since mobile phones are also WiFi enabled, users have the opportunity to save money by connecting to open WiFi networks for their data usage and increasingly for phone calls as well. The latter is made possible by the growing number of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps that transmits voice data over the Internet. It’s a great way to avoid going over your monthly allotment of minutes and, given the ubiquity of WiFi today, VoIP apps even allow some to switch their calling plan to something cheaper since they’re using less call minutes.

For help in choosing which apps are the best, the following is a handy breakdown of the top 3 VoIP apps for smartphones.

Skype was one of the pioneers in video chatting via computer-based software. Having established themselves in that market, it’s safe to assume that their VoIP services are equally stellar. The app is available for free in your app marketplace regardless of your mobile OS, and if you’re making calls to fellow Skype users they’re completely free.

For just $3 a month you also have the option of making unlimited calls to any number in the United States or Canada without needing to worry about long distance fees.

In terms of call quality, over a strong network signal a Skype call is both crisper and clearer than any landline call.

Line2, available on multiple mobile OS platforms, is slightly more expensive than Skype at $10 per month. However, where Skype is a mere VoIP app that enables calling over WiFi or 3G, Line2 is a complete calling service app that seamlessly switches calls between 3G or 4G and WiFi networks for users on the go. The features list includes unlimited text messaging via the app, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail and conference calling.

This app is perfect for those looking to establish a second line or a business line without the expenses associated with signing up for a traditional telephone line with one the big telecommunication companies.

Google Voice
It seems there isn’t a market for technology or telecommunication service that Google isn’t involved in. Thus it should come as no surprise that Google also provides VoIP calling. Google Voice provides users with a unique phone number to which they may link all of their phone numbers, thereby aggregating all of their contacts in one place.

There are dedicated Google Voice apps available for smartphones that allow VoIP calling, as well as specialized apps like Talkatone for the iPhone that allow free text messaging in addition to VoIP calling, all without wasting any valuable minutes.

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