Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money

We all remember living with dad when money was tight.  He would wander through the house, muttering angrily and turning off lights, dialing down the heater, and doling out dish soap in pre-set baggies.  The man could save pennies off of his pennies.

But, what you may not have known, was that some of his crazy stuff wasn’t just good for the family bank account, it was also good for your health.  That means that cutting back a little might we worth more than a few extra pennies.

Cutting Back on Soap – You know exactly where your clothes have been.  That’s why, when the laundry soap says a half cup, you know it is going to take at least 3 cups to get your clothes clean again.  Right?  Well, not exactly.  Adding more soap to your laundry/dishwashing load really doesn’t get anything cleaner than turning the temperature up.  In fact, putting in too much soap can damage your machine and leave soapy residue on your clothes/dishes.  If you’ve wondered why your dinner tastes a little strange, it might be time to cut back on your soap use.

Opening Windows – I get it.  You live in Michigan and it’s December.  The last thing you want is for that frigid outside air to somehow sneak into your apartment.  Unfortunately, that means that you are doing yourself a lot of damage.  Opening your windows for as little as 5 minutes can clean the air of your apartment without effecting your heat too much.  And that fresh, cold air?  Doctors believe that fresh air is one of the quietest health factors out there.  Sleeping in stale air may seem harmless, but your body is going to be suffering every minute of it.

Dialing Down Thermostat – What’s the point in having a heater if you don’t use it – right?  Well, it turns out that turning your thermostat up too much is going to be damaging to both your gas bill and your health.  The human body actually expects temperature fluctuation – especially at night.  Your body gets ready for the temperature to drop.  When it doesn’t, your sleep becomes light and easily disrupted and you are more likely to feel exhausted when you wake up the next day.  Turning your heat down to 60 or lower before you go to bed will help you feel much better the next morning.

Turning off the Screen – This has nothing to do with the fact that TV rots the brain, or that all of that energy is sapping up your grocery bill for the month.  The screens that we use every day have been shown to cause insomnia and sleep irregularity.  Anything over 4 hours is going to start to effect your ability to think, and those couple of hours before sleep are going to really effect your ability to fall asleep.  So, no matter how painful, unplugging and doing something else for the last few hours of the day will make your sleep better, and might even make you smarter.

About the Author

Professor Xavier is a freelance writer for you want to learn more about being a pediatric nurse practitioner, take a look at the many different online nursing programs.

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