Stop Debt Collectors From Abusing You

Debtors who are unable to repay their loaned amount are subject to unnecessary abusive acts by debt collectors who even go on to the extent of threatening their lives if the former doesn’t pay. Well if you are a victim and have been getting threatening calls from debt collectors then make no issue and head straight to sue the debt collecting agency for a criminal offence as this.

Being a consumer you have the rights to protect yourself from debt collectors who pose as a threat to your wellbeing. Debt collectors often turn violent while realizing the amount. Seniors often fall prey to aggressive collectors. However as a consumer, everybody is entitled to exercise rights in order to stop debt collectors from indulging in offensive acts.

Some of the offensive acts by debt collectors that are prohibited by law are given below:

  •  Contacting consumers after or before 8am and 9pm
  • Continuing to disturb the consumer even after a letter of ceasing communication has been sent to the authority is considered offensive
  • Disturbing the consumer even after the he has communicated with the authorities to extend his time limits to repay the loan
  • The debt collector has no rights to communicate and disturb a consumer who already has legal back up
  • Making continuous calls to the consumer who refuses to communicate with the debt collector
  • The debt collector doesn’t have the rights to deceive the debtor with wrongful figures of the debt
  • The debt collector should not embarrass the consumer by asking the media to intervene
  • Securing greater amounts from the debtor
  • Threatening debtors of legal actions

In any case the debtor is supported by the FDCPA to stop debt collectors from acting further and turning his life miserable. So, be a proud consumer and exercise your rights to prevent aggressive debt collectors from abusing you.

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