The Flawed Concept Of Money

Since the beginning of time, we have fought wars with each other over the right to gather, hunt or produce from the earth and when we produced more than we could sue, we decided to trade and money was born.

image of flawed money

The problem is that money is essentially a flawed concept that is perpetuated by the fact that governments have a habit of printing more of it when they run short of a few pounds. This means that when the carrots grown in your garden were worth ten pence, they may now actually be worth 20 pence because the carrot is still the carrot, but the total amount of pounds in circulation has doubled and their value is halved.

Life with or without Money

Is it a good idea to ‘completely do away with’ money? Well, that is a concept that can only be discussed by people who have none to give away. Those who have worked hard, invested in businesses and created some wealth have seen the best side of money and they may well deserve to harvest the fruits of their labour (or buy someone else’s fruits). The rest of us have sit in the dirt and make do with whatever we can get away with, but whose fault is that? We live in a country that gives us many opportunities to enhance our lives, but so few people deal with the problem directly and make something of their lives.

A Lack of Options

The UK government is continually fighting battles in opinion polls where people moan about the lack of jobs for the working class. In reality, the government gives us access to training, the Student Loan Company provides finance for education and there have been many ‘back to work schemes’ over the years to help people find their way into employment with help for clothing and transportation to and from work.

So, are there no options for the average Joe in the UK, or are we all a bunch of lazy layabouts?  With all the help to improve employment chances or start new businesses, we should all be masters of industry, but instead we have hit a wall in the UK where money has come to easily to most people.

The Concept or the Implementation

The thing is, money is great when you have it, but when you don’t it’s a real pain to deal with. The concept of money has been around a lot longer than any of us and it will be around when we are all pushing up daisies. Just because we are experiencing financial hardship in the UK for the first time in a generation, it should not encourage us to campaign for the abolishment of all currencies and revert to a Zeitgeist-esque lifestyle where barter and labour is the currency of the day. Imagine trying to send an hour’s worth of digging over the internet to pay for your Sky TV package. It just doesn’t add up (sorry).

Money is the Root of All Evil

People are more likely to be the root of all evil and it’s easy to blame your financial situation, debts and anything else you want to on the corporate and capitalist world, but the truth is, you always have a choice before you put yourself and your family in debt. If people didn’t learn enough from the free education our country provides to realise they are making a poor financial decision, then that can only be nature’s way of maintaining the survival of the fittest.

People who have nothing, work for nothing and are unlikely to achieve much, tend to be those unable to breed because suitable partners will not go near them with a chequebook. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and that is why the lottery was invented.

William Bancs is a blogger who believes that money is a flawed concept. However, he still understands that it makes the world goes round and so suggests that if your financial situation needs a boost, a cash advance could be just the thing to improve your situation.