The High Stakes World of Mobile Payments

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The world of mobile payments is becoming more and more the norm – so much so that credit card companies are placing high bets in order to stay afloat.

The new infographic from Mobile Payments Today sheds some light on who is going all in and in what category.

The infographic uses poker chips to show each category and which companies have jumped on board.

This market was has always been dominated by the credit card companies, but still may want to get a piece of the pie by going in now – those who haven’t yet, may have less of a chance of maintaining their place in the market down the road.

With this said, long-established credit card companies are still blowing mobile payments out of the water.

In 2010, credit card payments had a total volume of $6.2 trillion, whereas mobile only had $240 billion, and will is still only projected to be at $670 billion by 2015.

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