The Rising Cost of Tuition

College is expensive! College is also very rewarding. Somewhere in-between rising tuition costs, student loans, and the hope for a better future – there is a student who doesn’t have it all quite figured out yet. Each year the rising costs of tuition can really hinder someones ability to succeed in life and their motivation to do so. Their are many routes to graduation, but the one that may be most important is the one that is most cost effective. If you are paying off student loans for a lifetime then it won’t seem as though your education has really paid off. With the right choices made early, you can set your self up to succeed and keep some extra dollars in your pocket.

Chose a Commuter school

When we usually think of college it often involves going off to the state university not too far away, but just far enough to live on your own. If you chose a school where you can live from home you will end up saving a ton of money. Room and board is expensive. Sometimes it can be equivalent or more than your tuition for each semester, depending on where you live. Opting out of the dorm room life is cheaper. Even if you were to live in an apartment off campus you could save a bundle.

Purchase Books Online

Every classroom is going to require a textbook of some kind. Unfortunately these books are often some of the most expensive items you will purchase. Not to mention, each year a new textbook comes out with almost the exact same material along with the exact same premium price. College book stores are a rip off. If you can find the same book online you will likely find a big discount as well.

Apply for Scholarships

Surprisingly enough, there are a number of scholarships out there that you wouldn’t know about without a little research. You need to look! There is virtually a scholarship for everything. Do a little research. Athletic, academic, creative, individual, and group oriented scholarships are just a few examples of what you can find when looking for extra money.

Find a Part Time Job

A job on campus may be hard to find considering there are so many other students competing for the same jobs. While a part time job may be a little stressful, and may not be able to pay your tuition – they are a great way to help pay for unexpected items. This way yo can have your rent covered, food paid for and be able to focus on your next test as opposed to your next meal.

Community College

All students have to take the general education classes on the way to their degree. These are often classes you can take at a community college that will transfer over no problem whatsoever. The best part is, you can save a bundle leaving you money for things like school supplies and living expenses. You just have to be aware that you are taking the proper classes that will transfer over.

There are plenty of ways to save money when you are going through college. The most important thing you have to do is be aware. You don’t want to look back and say, “I wish I knew that!”. College is an expensive time. It can be very hard to get through those four or five years but it is worth it in the end. You might find it more costly to opt out of college!

This article was written by Thomas Benjamin. Thomas is a blogger who knows that student incentives are very important concerning educational success.

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