The Safest Way to Get a Credit Report Online

aAccording to the Fair Credit Reporting Act you are entitled to access your credit reports once a year for free from any or all of the nation’s leading credit reporting.

Things to Watch out for When Retrieving Credit Report Online

As of the moment, there are already countless companies that offer free credit reports online through their websites. The problem is what appears to be “free” does not always seem free at all. Worse, what appears to be “free” can be an avenue where banking dangers lurks somewhere in the corner.

Here is a list of things to watch out for when opting to check your credit report online from websites:

  • Stay away from websites that require you to sign up for their newsletter before you can use their credit report service. Again, you are entitled to a free report every year. Free here means no dime out of your pocket and no strings attached. Not even any form of reciprocity from your end.
  • Stay away from websites that require or ask you to avail of their service on a free trial period before the credit report service is made available to you. Even when the invitation used to lure you into the subscription is for free, you will always be asked for bank or at least Paypal details. Giving such details to websites puts your money at risk. Even your identity.
  • Stay away from websites with pop-up ads. Sites with pop-up ads are mostly scam.
  • Stay away from websites that ask for your actual bank details. This right here is pretty obvious. Giving off bank details especially along side your personal information gives the webmaster an easy way into your bank account.
  • Stay away from websites that sell stuff. Just like sites with pop-up ads, do away with sites that sell stuff. Free reports, are once again, free from any form of reciprocity.

Safest Way to Get Your Credit Report Online

Is there a possible way to keep your personal and banking details safe while getting an honest credit report online? Certainly, yes. That is through the government’s official website for free annual credit reports- annualcreditreport.

While you will be asked for your personal details (full name, street address, last digits of social security number and birth date;) for the purposes of verifying your identity which, in return, is for your own protection, you can be assured that the report you will get is honest, up to date and accurate.

The site is able to give you your free annual credit report from the leading reporting companies in the US- Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Also, for your convenience the site offers more than a single way for your report to be delivered. has options for you to file your report online, by phone or by mail. The latter two will be processed and will be delivered to your mail box within 15 days.