Tips and Ideas for Modifying Your Car On the Cheap

For those who are currently driving their very first car there is always a temptation to alter the appearance and the performance of the vehicle away from the factory standard. This can give the car a degree of individuality as well as providing the individual with a rewarding pastime.

However, making modifications to a car can be an expensive process. Nevertheless, there are some cheap modifications that can enhance the appearance of the vehicle without costing a fortune.

Interior modifications

A modification which will significantly change the appearance of the car for a relatively low price is window tinting. Kits can be purchased which allow the owner to complete the work at home. However, for the best results a professional windowing tinting service should be used as this can be a tricky process. Drivers should also be aware that there are laws which dictate the level of tint that is acceptable on specific windows of the vehicle.

Small cosmetic changes on the inside of the car can really enhance the vehicle’s appearance and personalise the interior. These modifications may include installing a pedal set, replacing the gear knob, replacing the gearstick and handbrake gaiters, adding a steering wheel cover and adding seat covers.

Car owners that are a little more daring can even remove sections of the car’s trim and paint them. Replacing the bulb of the interior map light with a coloured equivalent can create an attractive effect.

Exterior modifications

One of the first areas often addressed by drivers on the exterior of the car is the lighting. Many drivers add additional lights such as fog lights and driving lamps to create a more sporty appearance. Care should be taken when wiring such lights. To comply with the law they must be wired so that they can be switched on and off independently of the headlights.

The standard factory-fit front and rear light clusters can also be replaced with more sporty alternatives. Popular styles include smoked lights, LED lights and projector headlights. Again, care should be taken when installing custom lights in order to comply with the law. This is especially true with smoked lights as enthusiasts can be tempted to create this effect at home.

Alloy wheels can be exceptionally expensive but simply removing the plastic hub caps which are fitted as standard can create a more sporty appearance. The owner can even paint the outer rim of the wheel. Chrome surrounds for the car’s number plates is an exceptionally cheap way to enhance the car’s exterior.

Performance modifications

To create a more sporty appearance many drivers lower their car’s suspension by around 1.5 to 2 inches. This can be achieved by installing performance springs. However, the driver should carefully consider the implications associated with ground clearance when it comes to speed bumps and rural roads.

A performance intake can be installed under the bonnet which will give the car a more throaty growl and can increase the power output by 3 to 5 horsepower.

Article by Crispin Jones on behalf of The Plate Market, specialists in high value number plates. 

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