Top Tips for Bagging Clothes at Bargain Prices

How many times have you stared gooey eyed at a fashion magazine and wished you could afford the clothes you see? Perhaps you’ve been looking in the wrong places. Those silk tops and party dresses aren’t just for the rich anymore, you just need to be a savvy shopper and know where to look.

When looking for clothes at a discounted price, the internet is a great place to begin. Not only is there a vast amount of clothing sites to look through but they also have a larger selection of stock to choose from. Internet sites also have great sales that tend to last much longer than sales in store. Good sites for bargains include ASOS, eBay, Net-a-porter and – the latter being especially handy for a budget under £20 where every piece is either £9.87 or £19.87

Markets and Outlets
While market stalls may not have the most recent trends from high fashion retailers, you are guaranteed to find something unique and inexpensive. If that isn’t really your thing, many retailers have outlet stores where excess merchandise and out of season stock is sold at a reduced price. EBay even has its outlet part online, where you can find a wide variety of clothes from even more sources.

Sample Sales
Sample sales are like the flash mob of the fashion world. When retailers have too much stock they use random sample sales to shift the merchandise. Because of the short notice and the fact they take place in temporary places; many websites like and give you alerts about the sales closest to you, where and when they’re happening.

Swap parties
If you’ve ever admired that silk top that belongs to one of your friends, a swap party is a great opportunity to get your hands on it! Not only do you revitalise your wardrobe and recycle your old clothes, but it’s a good excuse to socialise and have a fun time with your friends!

Charity Shops
Charity shops aren’t just for old ladies cardigans and satin gloves anymore, however you might need to spend a little extra time to sort the diamonds from the rough. Not only are you sure to find a bargain in charity shops, their high standards of quality in clothing means you’re sure never to get something that will fall apart as soon as you wear it. Shops like Oxfam, Save the Children or British Heart Foundation are good places to start. Looking in charity shops in high-end areas could help you find a gem donated by a wealthy, charitable lady.

Vintage fairs
Vintage fairs have never been more popular than they are today, but with the vintage label comes slightly higher prices. Avoid shopping at stores that are exclusively vintage, rather, keep an eye out for fairs where you are much more likely to find a bargain amongst a much wider variety of clothes.

To keep an eye out for events near you is a good place to start as they hold vintage fairs all over the UK!

Article written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Patra, who stock luxury clothing such as silk tops and gloves.

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