Types of Investment in Europe

With overseas investments becoming easier to find in this day and age, many US investors have turned to Europe and Asia for investment opportunities. However, this is often easier said than done, as the rules for each country are vastly different from the US and in many cases more regulated.

image of venture capitalThe EU has been working on making this process easier such as by promoting venture capital investments.

Associations such as EBAN, along with online networks such as the Angel Investment Network are also helping bridge the gap in these markets.

Issues such as double taxation are often an issue for entrepreneurs looking to globalise, and so if a business has taken off in their home market – should certainly look at getting the right kind of resource to carry them through these issues. But there are various trade bodies and organisations out there, and the sheer amount of info can be discouraging. As a result, many entrepreneurs are taking a similar approach that they originally had for their business with their search for funding, and that it is often a self managed one where they look for investment themselves on various angel investment sites and asking various contacts in the sector.

Finding someone who has experience investing in a similar sector is always a good contact to have, as they may have investment in something similar before, and likely have a few good connections of their own. In this day and age, doing their homework and joining various sites where they can discuss the sector is a good start, along with learning how angel investment and various types of start up investment work. 

Networks, forums and even discussions on LinkedIn carry some sway in the sector, however it’s always good to check things twice and make sure you get to know your potential investor before they get involved.

Raising venture capital gained a lot of buzz during the dot com boom around 2000, but is now back in full and more international strength.

Developing markets such as India are starting to generate their own venture capital industries and membership on networks and websites based in India are growing in popularity for local and foreign investors alike, while China recently surpassed the UK in becoming the second largest recipient of venture capital funding in 2011.  Though overall, the US still had a large lead of the amount of venture capital financing deals, with almost ten times as many as China or the UK.

Mike is an expert in international investment and can advise on venture capital investments, angel investments for local and established global companies alike.

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