Why You Should Let An Accountant Complete Your Tax Return

Most people can complete their tax returns on their own. However, some tax returns can become rather complex. Complex returns make it more likely that an error could be made. An error on your tax return could result in a large fine from the government if that mistake leads to an audit. Having an accountant do your return takes a lot of the guesswork out of it.

Accountants Understand The Tax Law

Your accountant may be able to show you different ways to save money on your return that you never even thought of. You may not have been aware that you could deduct the cost of gas that you bought to go to a business meeting. Perhaps you were unaware that a business loss could result in a refund on your tax return. Little details could save you hundreds of dollars on your next tax return.

The IRS Smiles Upon The Decision

The IRS has been known to go easy on people who have an accountant file their tax return. Just make sure that you are using a reputable tax accountant. Someone who has a bad reputation could actually increase your audit risk. However, a return filed by an accountant generally gets better treatment. This is even more true if you have a complex tax return involving several different forms.

image of an accountant

You Save Time

You are a busy person. Don’t waste time dealing with your tax return. Your accountant can have your return filed for you in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is submit your records to the accountant electronically. Your tax professional will take care of the rest. Tax season is much easier when all you have to do is sit back and wait for your refund check.

Rest Easy Knowing A Pro Has Taken Care Of Things

You don’t have to worry that you take a deduction that you aren’t entitled to. If you are entitled to something, your accountant will make sure the deduction is taken. Otherwise, a professional accountant will make sure you are paying what you owe. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of doing your taxes. Sleep better at night knowing that everything was filed correctly and legally.

You Could Pay Less For A CPA

A CPA could charge less to file your return as opposed to what a program like Turbo Tax would charge you. Filing anything other than a simple return could cost you hundreds of dollars with popular electronic filing programs. That is always something to consider when considering the use of an accountant for tax time. You generally get better service and support from a CPA as opposed to the service that you used to file your taxes electronically.

Frank is a Finance Expert from Sydney, Australia. He warns people against completing their own tax returns because there are often things they forget or simply don’t know about. Frank recommends Kelly Partners Chartered Accountants for anyone in the Sydney area.

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