Will Your Savings Be Put to Good Use This Year?

It is all very well having some savings but it is what you do with them that matter most. Most of us have given up on just letting the bank give us a laughable amount of interest so what other options are around now?

The internet is the best place for finding out about new and exciting types of investment opportunity. Lots of sites and email listings are dedicated to different types of investment and here are some of the ones you might come across right now.

Covered Calls for a Safe Investment

This is a way of making money grow which is beco ming incredibly popular these days.

It is designed to give you a big return regardless of how the financial markets move, thereby taking a lot of stress out of the investment.

It is a method which is gaining a lot of followers on the back of the idea of building an original investment of just $10,000 into the staggering sum of $3,500,000 in a decade. It is certainly worth investigating if you want the prospect of getting big returns without any real risks.

Gold for a Solid and Dependable Return 

Another type of investment which is mentioned a lot online these days is gold. The precious metal has been used as an investment vehicle for many years now but recent rises to record levels have caused it to become more talked about than ever before. It is commonly used as a safe type of investment when the markets are bad, although you should expect a steady rise rather than a spectacular one. It would normally give a relatively modest return when compared to the covered calls option above.

Penny Stocks for a Bit of a Gamble

Despite the economic troubles of recent years there are still plenty of investors who are drawn to the stock market in their attempts to make money. Penny stocks are big news on the internet although this is basically a form of gambling for most people who do it. This is stock which is worth very little, and the key is in investing in the ones which are going to make it big in the near future.

Some of them will undoubtedly increase in value over time but there are far more which either won’t move anywhere or will sink without trace. Wagering on which penny stocks could rise soon is a fun hobby for a while but it probably isn’t the smartest type of investment unless you have some inside knowledge to turn it into something which is more than just a guessing game.

This is a guest post by Frank Duff. Occasional guest blogger on investments and full time blogger on personal finance.  Frank currently repersents Compound Stock Earnings a great resource on the web for covered call services.

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